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X-ray baggage scanners and metal detectors will speed up the search for visitors and staff at the entrance to make it safer for people. HA PROTECH can provide and install an x ray baggage scanner for high profile security screening environments, in addition to offering repair and maintenance services. Our recommended baggage x-ray machine models can not only be used in airports and customs, but also in government buildings, rail transportation stations, ports and big event venues. The Baggage X Ray Machine models installed by us meet the stringent safety regulations.

We have provide services for various make and model no. like Rapiscan, Smith, Nuctech, ZK Teco, VJ Technologies, and Etc.

We have various solutions in X-Ray Baggage inspection like..

  • Baggage X-Ray Scanner Machine
  • Baggage X-Ray Inspection System
  • Body Inspection System
  • X-Ray Generator / Control Box
  • Drum Motor
  • Belt
  • Joystick / Console
  • Control Box
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