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We Are specialists in creating an efficient, smart home controlled by you. We provide high level installation of unique and practical home intelligence systems. Our experienced team can recommend systems that enable you to enjoy all the benefits of autonomous living. Home automation allows you to be in full control of your security, flexibility and comfort regardless of whether you are home or away.

Your home is your most valuable and important asset. Many homes do use a form of independent security technology but these work solely in isolation, even if controlled by a device. On the contrary, Home Automation solutions are able to communicate with one another. This allows us to focus smart lighting, audio, entertainment, heating, security and renewable energy into a singular, smart system. As a result, we make sure homeowners across the country are comfortable and secure with simple to use technology that controls all.

Whether you live in a newly built or pre owned property, We will find smart automation solutions that suit your home and living. Our smart systems revolve around a central system (a mini server). This central location connects devices across all areas of the house, allowing your electrical devices to work seamlessly together. Our unique mini server is what makes our smart technology so effective and easy to use.

We have various solutions in Home Automation Solutions like..

  • Wired and Wifi based Home Automation
  • Smart Home Control System
  • Voice Controlled Home Automation
  • Lighting control
  • Overhead Water Tank Solutions
  • Water/Liquid level Control & Monitoring
  • GUI based Solutions for Building Automation
  • Fully Customized Solutions
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